Do not hesitate to express your love ever!

Love nowadays is just like flirting, lust, and cheat, earlier before there were inspirational characters who got famous for their true love stories. But today, true love is so rare!

Anyway, this real love story is about a guy name shan who was suffering from a brain tumor which cannot be treated at this stage. He was just 22 years old and has been a brilliant student of his class, doctors treated him with full devotion but declared with a heavy heart that the disease is untreatable at this stage. This was a big shock for shan’s parents, they tried their best but couldn’t get a positive result.

He was stuck in the home after diagnosing this disease, he never went outside for the last couple of months but now got badly fed up with staying home. So, he asked his mother for permission to go outside for a while, like he needs a little fresh air. His mother permitted him to go outside. While walking in a market he passed through a bookstore where he found a girl on a sales counter.

That was a quick moment when he got to learn the power of love at first sight. He opened a door and went inside not concentrating on anything but her.

He went close to her, she saw him and asked with a cute smile “may I help you, sir”? It was the most beautiful smile he has ever seen. He said uh …. Mmmmm yeah, I would like to buy this book. He picked a book and gave her a payment. She asked, “would you like me to wrap it for you, sir”?

Shan nodded and the girl took a book and wrapped it in paper and gave it back to him. He took it and walked out of the store. The next day he again went to that store just to see her glimpse, she was on the counter, as usual, he went to the counter and picked up the book and asked her to wrap it up for him. She did the same and gave him back and took money from him.

Now he started this every day he went to that store chose a book, made a payment, and walk out of the store. One fine day he decided to propose to her but when he reached the counter in Infront of her he got nervous, couldn’t say anything but dropped his number onto the counter.

Phone rang! The mother picked up a phone and said hello!

There was a girl on the other side who asked for Shan, his mother started crying and said that he is passed away 2 days back due to a brain tumor. It was shocking news for a girl she was stunned stayed quiet for a long time on the phone.

Later day shan’s mother went to his room as she was missing him so much. She opened his cupboard and saw there are lots of wrapped books, she unwrapped one book and a piece of paper fell on the floor, she opened that piece of paper it was written on it “You are so cute and handsome, will you have a dinner with me”? She opened another book the same size paper fell, and the same sentence was written on it.

This heart-touching love story show that if you love someone at least let them know, maybe the other person also loves you with the same depth?

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