Love Children “big are also past children.”

I don’t know who loves their kids how much, because all the big think that we were not these kinds of children. We become big directly. The story is about we all were past children we have to love, care and show them respect as big.
I don’t know if you have noticed that the most vigorous people who clamor for Children’s Day every year seem to be big forever. Even if the ordinary fashion is no more human-like, when it comes to Children’s Day, the mind suddenly degenerates to the early childhood, either claiming to be a baby or making various speeches that want to eat lollipops to celebrate Children’s Day and so on. It sounds native and follows suit, but, behind each of the jokes, some souls don’t want to grow up.

Adults are also past children

When we were young, we always yearned for growing up, yearning for the future, yearning to comb our hair into an big look, put on a handsome suit or pointed high heels, and live happily and smartly like big, without homework and exams. Heavy pressure.
But when you look like an big, you know that the most unhappy person in this world is an big. I was really silly when I was young, and I was looking forward to growing up.
At that time, I thought about everything very simply. I tried my best to treat him who I liked, and I didn’t even bother to give him a straight eye when I hated him.
But I know that when I grow up, I realize that not all efforts are rewarded. Once you cross the boundary, you may scare people away; even if you face someone you hate, you sometimes have to learn to smile falsely. Time seems to be the two most ruthless pushing hands, pushing us forward, not allowing us to look back.
It tells us to grow, to mature, to learn to face all the suffering and torture that will be encountered in life, to learn to accept the betrayal and departure of people around, to learn to swallow tears and sadness…Later, we understood a lot of truths, although we didn’t want to understand;
Later we learned a lot of routines, although we didn’t want it.

People in the world are not black and white, not bad or good. It’s all about us that how we are managing our time life standard and the way of happily life spending. We all are for Love to each other’s and enjoy life. We have to teach our children to know about life reality with love and kind-hearted. To make the World full of Love.
If you feel tired
Can get into my sleeves and hide
I always have a place for you here
Even if everyone thinks you can do anything
Thought you were a hero
But only I know
You are still a kid occasionally
“Adults are also past children.”

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