Sad Life Pure Love Story

Sad life at the moment. You don’t suppose I’ve got an ulcer? Probably the winter colds and the odd case of bronchitis as a result. Can’t wait to see them back at school. They both look so grown up these days. Well I need to get a move on now. Hope you all have a good Sunday. A very Happy Halloween and Good Friday to you all. Posted by The first picture is of Taffy the Baby who came all the way from Cornwall. She is lovely, lots of good manners, I really like her, a proper lady. She has lots of different silken throws to make soft and warm balls for her so I’ll have to have a look on the Internet for a few pics of them so I can print some up.

Another two came with him but they were too scared to come down, The third and fourth are Lyla and Max who came all the way from the North of England. Max is the biggest lad I have ever seen. He really is the biggest and I am absolutely sure he is a lad. Lyla has got a great little figure and her coat is all soft and silky. I’m sure she was quite nervous when they first came but they have been introduced to the rest of the group and they are getting used to each other now. Max is getting a bit aggressive so I think he must be a full blooded Suffolk.

Next week I will take Lyla to see my friend who is breeding Suffolk and Irish Kelpies. I’m hoping to do some clip shows of them, they are such good natured dogs but a bit naughty. It has been really cold and frosty so far, the trees and hedges look stunning as a result. The ground is saturated and should freeze solid by the morning so it has been raining cats and dogs. The snowdrops in my garden have tiny blossoms starting to appear, I love them. I wonder if I should dig some up for my daughter. Next week my friend D has a little doggy day care business so I will pop in and take some pictures of her dogs, I will show you all next week.

This is Buster who is two and just loves to chew on my boots. He loves a spot of playing ball too. He has been in training and has come on a lot and is learning lots. I can’t find his owner, someone must have stolen him, poor little poppet. He’s just started with a bit of training so I will put some videos on as soon as I can. Here are a couple of pictures of Shirley. We picked her up from the kennels this afternoon. She is such a lovely dog.

Always goes to my side and asks to be stroked and gives me the little happy shake. She loves to play ball, I will be getting a proper cage for her soon, there are three others here with her, they are the sweetest little things. She is so friendly and loves nothing more than a cuddle. There is a poodle and two lurchers, the poodle is deaf. I would dearly love another poodle. I think I would have to do some research though. I’m not sure whether I could cope with all that hair. Here are a few more photos of the pumpkins. I love them. They grow like roses, so pretty and they last ages. I didn’t realise how much smaller they are when they are inside.

Just waiting to carve them. We haven’t got the time this year because my sister is having her house redecorated so I think she will just be coming out for dinner. We will have to get out some treats for her. Oh and I should be off now. My parcels are on their way and I have just read that I can’t post anything until 12th March. The postman is having a good old giggle, there is one letter to my sister that I haven’t got to yet. I really am getting old. It is all the fault of Channel 5. We have been watching the Jackdaw’s Great Escape on Monday nights and this Tuesday night they are showing the Yorkshire Ripper.

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