Story of A Blind Love…

This true love story “Story of A Blind Love” is about the people who get blind in love and cannot choose the right and wrong path, which may create a catastrophe later in their life and also in others’ lives related to them.

This heart-touching love story is about a girl name Esha my cousin, she used to be very pretty, tall, smart and polite to everyone. She was working as a personal secretary in a private logistic company. Her father (my uncle) was the schoolteacher who always remains strict on their principles.

I and Esha were not only the cousin but a good friend. She always took suggestions from me about her different matters of routine life, and I always took her like my sibling. I cannot forget that rainy day when I was walking through to the tube station and suddenly my phone rang, it was Esha on the other side. She suddenly blasted news in my ear that she has got married.

I was shocked to hear and stopped walking, asked curiously with her with whom she has got married? She replied! With Anil who is a driver in our company. I was again shocked and surprised that how come she can commit such a blunder; she is educated and smart enough to choose for her best but what she has done and without asking and telling anyone even to her parents. I said her that I was not expecting such foolishness from her, she never even bother to think about her mother and her father who was always stick to the values of their life.

She said, “it happened just, and I didn’t get time to think on that, one day I tried to tell my mother, but she strictly refused and said never to talk about him”. I wanted to find out the reason behind this foolish decision of her but couldn’t found anything but a blind love.

I hanged up the phone while wishing her Good luck. I was thinking about the aunt and uncle that from how much pain they would be passing through. I decided to call my aunt she was crying and moaning at her act, her father was stunned not uttering a single word. Her daughter bowed his head in the society what he will explain to the society that why his daughter has done a court marriage with a driver.

After a week I heard the news that Esha and her husband has been released from the job, it was another sad news, now they were looking for a job, they took a small house for rent. One day even they don’t have single money to buy a meal, they decided to go to Esha’s parents’ home with the expectation that maybe her parents will apologize for their mistake.

But Esha’s parents especially her father reacted so badly, he kicked them out of his house and warned her not to show her face in life. Esha got so disappointed and hanged herself. She committed suicide. It was shocking news for all of us, we all loved her. Her mother is now like a living dead. I often think about what she has got by taking this foolish decision, lost her life, made her parents sad throughout their lives.

This is the end of this true love story that took many people’s happiness from their lives by taking one wrong decision of a single person..

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28 thoughts on “Story of A Blind Love…

  1. So whose fault? Don’t tell me it’s Esha’s!!! But those parents who don’t bless their children’s choice when time of love come! God forgives Esha for comitting such a murder;but all is due to her parents!

  2. Love is life it bring pain to those who do not understand her but peace to those who cherish careful when you talk about her becaise is a double edged sword.

  3. Some time parents always failed to know the true feeling of their young ones until this happened den dey realized. True love of some one may seen different to others

  4. I think that is a true love but Esha’s parents don’t bless her. They must pray for there daughter and help her financially when she was break.

  5. I will say God forgives Esha for comitting such a murder.
    But all this was due to her parents!

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