True Love Never Fades Away!

This is a beautiful true love story about my classmate who was a brilliant student and the topper of our class. She spent more of her time studying as a bookworm, less focused on games or in any extracurricular activity. She hasn’t been so stunning as she came from a poor family her parents were not so rich.

Days were passing she was just concentrating on her books, her life was roaming around her books, she passed an exam with outstanding marks and entered in 8th standard. One day a new boy has joined her class and got a place next to her in a classroom. They usually talked with each other mostly about studies.

As days passing, they became a close friend even when a girl has to go somewhere with her family, she had to take few leaves from school and when she came back the boy couldn’t stop himself from proposing to her.

The girl accepted her proposal; as the time flies, they entered in 10th standard their relationship became stronger, their parents were genuinely concern about their studies and so they decided not to meet during exams, but against their decision they met and unfortunately the boy’s mother saw them being close. His mother got mad at him and took a promise not to meet with her ever.

The girl was the brilliant student of her class but couldn’t score good marks because of improper concentration in studies. Whereas the boys scored good marks and became the topper of his class. They passed the school and entered college the boys kept his promise to his mother and stayed out of contact with her.

The girl was madly in love with him and at last, she found his college, months passed one-day hostel warden informed him that his mother is online on the phone he got surprised that his mother never called him in study hours, anyways he picked the receiver and said hello, a deep silence from another side, after few seconds he heard a sweet voice of a girl.

He recognized her voice and said, “don’t call me again” and hang up the phone. However, the girl’s true love forced her and pinched her always to call him again and one day she did, the boy who was already feeling guilty about her that he had been rude to her never understood her true love, at last, surrendered and start talking with her again.

Time flew away and they passed their college exams. The boy got a good job, and they both decided to get married. Their parents after all realized their real love and permitted them to get married. Now years have been passed and they have got 2 children and they are living a happy married life.

In their heart-touching love story, we can truly learn that if you follow your true love persistently you will get it one day.

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