University girls cute love story ?

University girls cute love story with story flow Whether you’re a girl or a guy, we all know at least one class or friend who’s the most oblivious and clueless. This is probably the case for many students and fans of University’s very own Czesława Kwoka, known better as Golden Star. This lovable guy has gained popularity through his singing career and being a beloved guest at many Universities. A bit of history about his popular Instagram account, the biggest photo, you’ll notice that every photo is a little self-depreciating joke as opposed to some serious but awkward thing he did. We’ll show you a couple of his wonderful and cute moments, so don’t judge before you’ve read the captions.

1. Czesława with two extra heads We think she looks beautiful with two extra heads, this is probably the funniest picture in this collection. The caption reads: Czesława with two extra heads… Forgive us for the title! … (See it)

2. Czesława’s first day in Poland Who knew Poland was this kind of huge nation, right? What we know for sure is that Czesława is from Poland and that she will probably still go home there one day. Here is her first picture from her first day in her home country. Her caption: Stunning reception from Poland!

3. Czesława with friends There’s nothing better than seeing a bunch of happy girls in their early 20s. We’ll explain what we mean by “thick friends”: they’re all very friendly and always have something to say to someone. But in this case, the ladies are practicing to be the ladies, as they are dancing and eating a delicious meal. Now we see, Golden Star might be a little jealous of them…

4. Golden Star’s best friend Although Czesława won’t admit it, this is probably the cutest picture from her Instagram account. They seem to have endless fun in the sea, which is clear from her caption: A photo by Golden Star on her birthday in Poland

5. Golden Star’s mother Here is a simple photo of Czesława with her mother, but her caption is quite special: I’m a proud mother! Even though my mother is only a normal girl, she is my best friend!

6. Golden Star with her friends This is a special picture for all Golden Star fans, not because of its size, but because of its story. We all know that Czesława is the friendliest and nicest person you’ll ever meet, so we’re sure this photo was taken during one of her birthday parties.

7. Golden Star’s holiday In this photo we see Golden Star soaking up the sun at the beach, while enjoying some churros. Czesława always has some time for a break to eat and enjoy life, doesn’t she?

8. Golden Star’s first swimming day in Spain Here’s a little bonus picture. Although it looks like it’s from a holiday, it’s actually from a birthday, the one for which we’ve already talked. But since it’s her birthday, we must mention it. Just in case you didn’t see it yet.

9. Golden Star’s second vacation It seems that a second vacation is a good idea. This time around, she’s enjoying a trip with her two best friends in Barcelona. Here we see the Golden Star from the Eiffel Tower.

10. Golden Star’s wedding with his friends We have a feeling Golden Star and his friends had a very happy wedding. And what’s even better is that we get to see Czesława and the gang at their wedding. This is their hilarious celebration.

11. Golden Star’s romantic retreat Sometimes, it’s all about going for a romantic retreat with your special someone. This picture is no exception, and we must say that it is the best wedding present. Well done, Golden Star. There you have it. We think this list is pretty complete. Golden Star is a very sociable and great person, and a great friend as well. She’s always there to talk to you, to keep you entertained and to share a laugh with you. Here’s wishing the Golden Star all the best in the world, and happy birthday! If you would like to have fun with me and see more pictures like this one, please take a look at my “Czesława’s Instagram” page.

Were you surprised by any of these pictures? Have you ever met a friend of a friend in real life, who seems to be a lot like the Czesława you see on Instagram? Which one of the pictures in this list is your favorite one? Tell us what you think in the comments! For more funny pictures of Czesława, follow her on Instagram @czessiebyrna or read her posts on her blog. Thank you very much for reading, and if you’d like to see more pictures like this one, please subscribe to the blog!

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