We work hard together for love?

So, some people say, “Adult love must either transfer money or marry you. Other than that, it’s all nonsense!” “A man who is willing to spend money for you may not love you, but a man who is reluctant to spend money for you but is not motivated, even if he loves you, you should not be with him.
I used to think that love is the “me in your eyes and you in my eyes” after two hearts collide. Didn’t understand until adulthood: We know each other in the soul, carefree in the property, and we have bread together, which is the best love. I still remember this sentence:
Marriage is the perfect home for love.
Almost all women who are deeply in love are eager to enter the palace of marriage with their significant other. And the key is to see if the other half loves enough, dare to give, and are willing to marry you.
Jaber once said to Gong Li: “Isn’t marriage just a piece of paper? Why do you have to value this piece of paper?” But think about it, how can you be sure that a man who doesn’t even want to give you a piece of paper loves you?

I dare not say that a man must marry you out of true love. But I am sure that if a man loves you, he will marry you home without hesitation: He won’t let your expectations fail repeatedly, and he won’t let you secretly hurt and feel homeless. He will give you a promise, a wedding, and a home. And only those who don’t love you will use thousands of excuses to perfuse.

So, if you also have such a partner who just wants to enjoy the sweetness of falling in love and does not want to bear the responsibilities of marriage, then please remember: Leave as early as possible. One day, you will meet someone who loves you and can’t wait to marry you.

Love in fairy tales is a beautiful longing, a princess and a prince, a rose and a castle; Love in the real world cannot be separated from the triviality of firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, and vinegar tea, and cannot escape the impermanence of life, old age, sickness, death, and love. So good love is real: There is not only a soul fit but also a material guarantee; There are beautiful vows, and transfer money and marry you.
You have to remember: In the matter of love, material sacrifices are always related to emotional results. Of course, it must not be given by one party, it should be a material condition created by the joint efforts of both parties, so let us work hard together to make money and love each other well. And work hard together can ease your partnership and married life as a couple.

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